Our journey started slowly like a horse racing,
With love that grew so sudden, through texting,
It’s that all pulled us together, Oh smiling,
Starring at your gorgeous face, twas attracting,
Anyone would never escape from your traps.

Thoughts of a wedding ring, took its path in our minds
The indescribable funny moments, and all the plans,
The phone calls, rainy dances, and the town walks,
Were indispensable skills to our outstanding feelings,
We both buried our sorrows and felt the rhythms of true romance

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Love‘s like a fiction book, you need all chapters to enjoy it,
We painted our story, and protected it,
Our paints about the future, were awesome we both admit,
Wasn’t  it love?, that helped us to  fabulously build it!
You even bought me a time machine, a tick tock.

These memories will speak inside of me,
In the darkest hours, will always be a light upon thee,
In the days of silence, will stand as true romantic testimony,
And deep down our souls these memories will unleash its ultimate tone.

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